Cleaning Touchscreens

Maintaining touchscreens is simple. We recommend using a dry, clean cloth to wipe off dust regularly. Use alcohol for cleaning only when necessary. When other solvents or cleaning agents are used, be sure to follow manufacturers’ instructions.

  • Avoid using any chemical agents to clean the touchscreen.
  • Do not spray cleaning agents directly onto the touchscreen, the liquids may seep into the screen or contaminate the front bezel.
  • Spray the cleaner on the cloth and then wipe the touchscreen with the cloth.
  • After cleaning, check to make sure no remaining cleaner is seeping through the edges of touchscreen.
  • Use gentle wiping motions. Do not wipe or press the touchscreen with excessive force.
  • Do not use sharp tools to clean the surface of the touchscreen.
  • Do not use air guns, water jets, or steam, to clean the surface of touchscreens as they may damage touchscreen functionality.
  • If condiments, food, or drinks are spilled on the surface of the touchscreen, please remove them immediately.
  • If the touchscreen has nameplates on the surface, please refer to the manufacturer for cleaning instructions.
  • Make sure moisture does not seep through the cable connection area from the edges during cleaning.
  • When water is present on the surface of the PCI touchscreen, wipe it dry first. Then the touchscreen will function properly.