AMT RMT Panels: Resistive Multi-Touch Panel Solution

09/22/2020 | Bulletin No : AMTNE20010

AMT Resistive Multi-touch (RMT) solutions provide customers with the reliability and noise immunity inherent in resistive touch technology while incorporating multi-point touch operation and gestures.  Certain applications require resistive touch technology, as well as multi-touch capabilities which confer uninterrupted operation whether in a noisy environment or when water, blood, saline, sea water, etc. are present on the touch surface.  In addition, mission critical equipment demand enhanced EMI performance and insists on no tolerance for false touch signals.  AMT has the experience and know-how to satisfy customer requests and produce the best touch solutions for customer project requirements.


This RMT solution is design and developed by AMT and PenMount and it is a total solution.  AMT RMT touch panels are paired with PenMount controllers and can be applied to the most popular software system platforms including Windows and Linux.  We work with customer on custom project design, technical support, and after-sales service.  AMT RMT is built on AMT’s over 23 years of history researching, designing, and manufacturing resistive touch technology.  AMT products are valued for their longevity and high quality and these qualities are ubiquitous across all the resistive touch panel constructions we offer.

AMT’s RMT solution can be applied to many different applications and all available AMT resistive touch panel design types for example, Low-Reflective sunlight readable design, GFG (glass-film-glass) structure, and GFG LR structure. For a mission critical RMT project, AMT would laminate a layer of metal mesh film onto the top ITO film of the RMT panel or onto the bottom layer of ITO glass to enhance EMI performance upon customer request.  No matter what type of touch panel design, an AMT RMT panel reliably provides 5-point touch and 2-finger gestures.


AMT RMT touch solutions employ the PenMount PM6601 RMT touch controller and the PM6601 RMT touch controller chip can also be embedded onto a COF tail instead of a control board for systems with limited internal space.  The PenMount PM6601 RMT touch controller supports AMT RMT touch panel sizes up to 13.3”.

AMT RMT resistive multi-touch panels provide reliable operation in different environments without interference by noise signals. In addition, if the touch surface is covered by liquid, the operator can still use gesture and multi-touch operation correctly and accurately.  For more information regarding AMT RMT touch solutions, please contact an AMT sales representative.

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