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09/17/2019 | Bulletin No : AMTNE19010

AMT projected capacitive (PCAP) total touch solutions lead the market in reliability, durability, and functionality.  Our products are found in a wide variety of industries and possess specifications and features that allow seamless integration into almost any environment.  In addition to comprehensive standard PCAP touch solutions, we can tailor our touch panel design structure with value-added options to fit the particular needs of different customers.  In this edition of AMT News, we will introduce AMT PCAP value-added options.

Low Reflective (LR) Design

AMT LR PCAP touch panels utilize a glass design.  The cover lens is a glass panel paired with an Anti-Reflective (AR) coating and the bottom layer is a glass sensor.  Optical bonding and an additional polarizer layer helps achieve a light reflectivity of 1-1.5%.  AMT LR PCAP touch panels also confer a light transmittance rate of 85%.  This touch solution can greatly reduce the effect of reflected sunlight, satisfy customer requirements, and make LCD displays visible under the strongest light.

Anti-UV Design

Outdoor touch panels are exposured to direct sunlight and long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light will affect PCAP panel appearance.  UV can cause bubbles to form in OCA and yellowing of PET film.  Both of these situations adversely impact appearance and, in the worse cases the LCD can become completely unreadable and halt effective operation.

AMT offers a UV resistant PCAP option to equip outdoor industrial and commercial systems exposed to direct long-term sunlight with Anti-UV characteristics.  AMT’s UV resistant PCAP touch panels block UV wavelengths less than 400nm. AMT has performed a PCAP touch panel test based on ASTM G154 with this Anti-UV design and our Anti-UV materials allow our touch panels to meet ASTM G154 performance criteria Cycle 1 for 500 hours.  If your application requires  ASTM G154 performance criteria Cycle 1 for 1,000 hours, please contact our sales representatives.

Anti-EMI Design

AMT provides a PCAP touch panel with an Anti-EMI film design utilizing a metal mesh grid plated onto film. The final product is light and possesses a high, 82% light transmission rate. The plane resistance of the Anti-EMI film material is less than 1 Ω/□ which grants high performance shielding. Though there are a number of EMI shielding methods, this is currently the best solution.  AMT Anti-EMI touch panels paired with suitable system mechanism assembly and firmware adjustment can pass RF emissions requirement of DO-160G Airborne Electronics Standard, allowing customers to use AMT PCAP products in commercial aviation or other special applications.

Heater Solution

In cold climates, temperatures may fall below an LCD’s startup temperature.  In this case, a heater can be laminated to the rear of the touch panel.  The system can engage the heater at a predetermined temperature to ensure the LCD is ready to be powered at any time.  In addition, the heater can be used to defog the touch panel surface which is especially useful for equipment used inside and outside of industrial freezers.

PhotoReal Décor Glass

AMT’s proprietary PhotoReal Décor Glass brings full color gradient photorealistic designs to thin PCAP cover lenses for industrial grade products.  Our proprietary printing process can output up to 1 million colors, does not require high temp curing, and we employ exact color matching (ICC and CMS).  Another advantage of PhotoReal printing compared to silk screening is that there will be no overlapping of solid colors.  PhotoReal Décor glass meets durability standards and has passed internal AMT adhesion, environmental, and UV testing.

AMT supplies the highest quality and most versatile PCAP touch solutions on the market.  For more details regarding all our options and services, please contact our sales representatives.

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