An Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor Designed for You

08/14/2020 | Bulletin No : AMTNE20009

The greatest advantage of AMT open frame touch screen monitors is satisfying customer project requirements through our unique and proprietary product design and flexible options.  Current machines and equipment placed in public spaces make extensive use of standardized components to design specialized products that facilitate and expedite design, installation, and after-sales maintenance and repair.  In terms of touch screens, an open frame touch monitor combines a LCD panel, resistive or projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen, controller, AD board, metal mounting frame, and other components required for operation.  An AMT open frame touch screen monitor offers an AMT touch screen solution paired with your choice of LCD panel and a mounting frame specially designed for your system that is easy to install in the field.


Currently, AMT has designed a number of open frame touch screen monitors that cover a range of specifications and customer requirements.  These include customer designed 21.5” and 27” models that feature 2.8mm chemically strengthened printed decor glass, meet IP65 dust and water ingress protection standards, and provide cooling vents in the enclosure.

Another open frame touch monitor design request is for outdoor applications which include anti-UV characteristics, a 1600nit high brightness LCD panel, and IR film for heat insulation.  AMT has also design different system mounting options such as side brackets and front plates.  In addition, economical product models are available depending on actual customer application.

One of AMT’s greatest strengths is the ability to customize our proprietary touch screen and touch controller technology to meet a wide range of customer applications.  AMT is also able to customize other elements of our open frame touch screen monitors including LCD size, resolution, brightness, and other features, touch panel décor glass surface treatment, thickness, and color, bonding method, LCD video signal inputs, mechanical parts, frame dimensions, etc.  Thus, an AMT open frame touch screen monitor is incredibly customizable and most customers will find it easier to integrate a bespoke AMT product into their project rather than working with off the shelf models.

By using an open frame touch screen monitor that has been specially designed to fit your system, customers can save time and effort during project development, installation, testing, and operation.  A customized AMT open frame touch screen monitor is easy to install in the field and can be designed to meets the specified requirements of different environments.  For details regarding these tailor-made solutions, please contact an AMT sales representative.

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